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Disclaimer: This calculator is provided for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to be used as an investment advisory tool nor as a guarantee of a final account balance.

We are not Financial Advisors, consult with a professional for advice on financial matters. You are using this calculator at your own risk. This calculator is not a representation of what you will earn, if any, and your actual rewards may differ. Use funds that you can afford to lose when joining any programs.

The results displayed on this calculator assume that ALL rebuys for daily rewards are made for the entire 600 days. It also assumes that the rebuys are done prior to 11 AM EST / 10 AM CST / 9 AM MST / 8 AM PST Every membership and every rebuy stands alone and will run for 600 days. The calculator is preset to display for 600 days. The value shown in the bottom right is the amount that will be paid out after ALL memberships are completed in 600 days. So if after 600 days, no rebuys are made, the final value shown in the bottom right is what you will have after 1200 days when the last membership has expired. If you continue to make the rebuys this chart will continue past the 600 days. If you add to your membership or if you accelerate your rewards by sharing with others, your reward earnings could and will vary from the values on the calculator.

Starting Membership $20,000

Membership Rewards 3X